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.. <br />~ num.` ,~' iMarcifi,c.,~ ~`J4 <br />Application forte Outdoor DisplayAPermit ~, <br />Store Name: <br />Address: <br />Store Owner: <br />Store Manager: <br />Property Owner: <br />Phone #: <br />Store #: <br />Phone #: <br />ar a 5r< a~~ <br />Frontage (# of feet across the front of store,: <br />Setback (distance from the Boardwalk to store front): ~~,-____ <br />Pad Size (frontage x setbacl~): <br />Pad Size z 20%: sq ft <br />50% of display usage: sq ft <br />-Towable display azea (circle one) 12 ft (E~~r on Pw,rrauc~(~C. 5•;~4~...I~~ <br />Note - As an incentive 50% of the allowed display maybe located up to 10 feet from the Board <br />right-of--way (property line) provided certain decorative /functional amenities equal to 10% of the total <br />display area are provided to enhance the display and Boardwalk experience. These amenities include <br />such things as landscape plantings, attractive seating, pem~anent chairs /tables,- etc. <br />Number of A-Frame(s): (1 for 25' / 2 max) (dimensions not to excee 18.3 q ft) <br />Dimensions and numbers of all racks, bins, etc.: <br />Item and Code Description/Contents Dimensions Square Ft. Quantity Total Sq Ft. <br />Example: A Boogie Boards 6 x 3 18 sq ft 2 36 sq ft <br />A <br />B <br />C <br />D <br />E <br />F <br />G <br />H <br />I <br />J <br />K <br />L <br />M <br />N <br />O <br />P <br /> <br />Total Sq Ft. of Display: <br />