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• Do you have a different site plan for an alternate display? Yes No <br />if yes, you need to have a separate site plan for each. <br />• Approved site plan is required to be posted inside the store. <br />• Are there exterior fire connections? Yes No <br />nothing can obstruct access to fire connections <br />• Where is your refuge space located? <br />• Are you able to move your display inside and still meet fire regulations to remain open? <br />Yes No <br />Required: <br />• `3~site plans of outdoor on graph paper, drawn to scale on graph paper. All measurements <br />m be given. <br />• s of color photographs attached labeled and dated. Please include: <br />1) Full store frontage with all merchandise displayed from the Boardwallc <br />~ ~ µ~ ~ ~r ~ 2) View of Displays <br />3) Store shown with southern property and store shown with northern property. <br />~ssi~T , ~ 4) Entrances <br />5) Amenities <br />6) A-Frame Sign - '' <br />• A-Frame dimensions are not to exceed sq ft., including legsae~e~eeed~5=~n- <br />height or width) <br />• All signs other than A-Frame require a separate sign permit from the city. <br />• BDA letter of approval. <br />Policies: <br />• No display item may exceed 5 feet in length or height. <br />• Nothing can from awnings or store fronts. <br />• The A-Fram~r~ must be in good repair, maintained, and painted. <br />• There can be no attachments to the A-Frame. <br />• Must have 24" between display items to insure safety. <br />• No display item maybe closer than 2 ft., to a <br />• All racks and bins must be in good repair and painted regularly. <br />• No hand lettered signage. <br />• An outdoor display may not form a wall between businesses. <br />Checklist for Review: <br />Need new photos to show corrections <br />Signage with out permits must be removed <br />Items over Sft are not permitted <br />Hanging items must be removed <br />Paint /Repair A-Frame <br />Handwritten signs must be removed <br />Items on the ground need to be in containers <br />Permit Application Fee: $225.00 <br />Add amenities i.e.: flowers, seating, etc. <br />Delineate display area <br />Exceeding the square foot allowance <br />Merchandise is blocking neighboring properties <br />Site plan is not to scale <br />Merchandise is 2ft from neighboring stores' entrance <br />2ft is rewired between every Z racks or bins <br />RQ°e~P~ # <br />Signature of Applicant: <br />Signature of Property Owner: <br />