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306 MINIMUM DWELLING SPACE REQUIREMENTS <br />306.1 Required Space In Dwelling Unit <br />Every dwelling unit shall contain at ]east 150 sq ft (13.9 m2) of floor space <br />for the first occupant thereof and at least an additional 100 sq ft (9.3 m')of <br />floor area per additional occupant. The floor area shall be calculated on the <br />basis of the total area of all habitable rooms. <br />306.2 Required Space In Sleeping Rooms <br />In every dwelling unit, every room occupied for sleeping purposes by one <br />occupant shall contain at least 70 sq ft of floor space,_ and every room - <br />occupied for sleeping purposes by more than one occupant shall contain at <br />leastsq ft (4.6 m') of floor space for each occupant [hereof. <br />-~~ <br />306.3 Minimum Ceiling Height <br />306.3.1 Habitable (space) rooms other than kitchens, storage rooms and <br />laundry rooms shall have a ceiling height of not less than 7 ft (2134 mm). <br />Hallways, corridors. bathrooms, water closet rooms and kitchens shall have <br />a cei]inQ height of not less than 7 ft (2134 m) measured to the lowest <br />projection from the ceiling. <br />306.3.2 If any room in a building has a sloping ceiling, the prescribed <br />ceiling height for the room is required in only one-half the room area. No <br />portion of the room measuring less than 5 ft (1524 mm) from the finished <br />floor to the finished ceiling shall be included in any computation of the <br />minimum room area. <br />306.4 Occupanc~~ Of Dwelling Unit Below Grade ' <br />do basement or cellar space shall be used as a habitable room or dwelling <br />unit unless: <br />I. The floor and walls are impen•ious to leakage of underground and <br />surface runoff water and are insulated against dampness, and <br />2. The total window area in each room is equal to at least the minimum <br />window area size as required in 303.1. and <br />3. Such required minimum window area is located entirely above the <br />grade of the ground adjoining such window area, and <br />4. The total of openable window area in each room is equal to at least <br />the minimum as required under 303.2.1, except where some other device <br />affording adequate ventilation is supplied. <br />307 SANITATION REQL'IRE'~7iENTS <br />307.1 Sanitation <br />Every o~~ner of a multiple dv<•ellin~ shall be responsible for maintaining <br />in a clean and sanitary condition the shared or common areas of the <br />dwelline and premises thereof. <br />22 Standard Housing Code 1994 <br />