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First Reading / 214 f DZJ ? <br /> Second Reading / / o y /.1 O/ 6 <br /> ORDINANCE 2009- 3 <br /> AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND CHAPTER 110, ENTITLED ZONING, <br /> OF THE CODE OF THE TOWN OF OCEAN CITY, MARYLAND <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ENACTED AND ORDAINED BY THE MAYOR AND <br /> CITY COUNCIL OF OCEAN CITY THAT CHAPTER 110, ENTITLED ZONING, OF THE <br /> CODE OF THE TOWN OF OCEAN CITY, MARYLAND BE, AND IT IS HEREBY, <br /> AMENDED BY ADDING SECTION 110 -885, AS FOLLOWS: <br /> Sec. 110 -885. Outdoor display of merchandise standards for properties located in the <br /> Downtown Design Overlay and the Upper Downtown Design Overlay zone districts (R -3, R -3A, <br /> LLC -1, DM, B -1, BC -2, DMX, M and I -1 Districts, excluding the Boardwalk frontages of <br /> properties in the R -3, B -1 and BC -2 Districts). <br /> (a) An annual display permit, issued by the Zoning Administrator, is required for outdoor <br /> display of merchandise. It is required that the display permit application be reviewed for <br /> recommendation by the Ocean City Development Corporation (OCDC) review committee. If the <br /> OCDC review committee recommends against the issuance of the display permit, it shall state in <br /> writing to the Zoning Administrator the reasons for the unfavorable recommendation. Upon his <br /> review, the Zoning Administrator may grant or deny the display permit. Any applicant aggrieved <br /> by the decision of the Zoning Administrator may file an appeal to the Board of Zoning Appeals <br /> as set forth in this Chapter. <br /> (b) Properties displaying merchandise outdoors shall be subject to the following: <br /> 1. Exterior merchandise to be displayed must be items sold by the <br /> established business. <br /> 2. All sales registers and sales transactions shall be located and conducted <br /> • <br /> within the enclosed building. <br /> 3. No outdoor display will be allowed to be set on or over public right -of- <br /> way without prior approval of the City Council. <br /> 4. Outdoor display may only occur during the retail establishment's normal <br /> LAW OFFICES hours of operation. All display, including display racks and bins, shall be <br /> moved inside the store when the store is not open for business. <br /> AYRES, JENKINS, <br /> )RDY & ALMAND, P.A. <br /> SUITE 200 5. There shall be no more than three like items for each display. For <br /> MO COASTAL HIGHWAY example, a retail business may only display up to three shirts and three <br /> ;EAN CITY MD 21842 <br /> boogey boards, but not more than three of any individual item. <br />