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*IMPOANT: in these spaces, copy the corresponding information from Section A. For Insurance Company Use: <br /> Building Street Address (including Apt., Unit, Suite, and/or Bldg. No.) or P.O. Route and Box No. Policy Number <br /> 183 Clam Shell Road <br /> City Ocean City StateMDZIP Code 21842 Company NAIL Number <br /> SECTION D - SURVEYOR, ENGINEER, OR ARCHITECT CERTIFICATION (CONTINUED) <br /> Copy both sides of this Elevation Certificate for (1) community official, (2) insurance agent/company, and (3) building owner. <br /> Comments C2e = Air Conditioner <br /> 10 Flood Vents Q 100 = 1000 <br /> 2 Screened Crawl Doors ei 720 =1440 <br /> Total = 2440 <br /> Signature -� Date 8/28/06 <br /> 12:1 Check here if attachments <br /> SECTION E - BUILDING ELEVATION INFORMATION (SURVEY NOT REQUIRED) FOR ZONE AO AND ZONE A (WITHOUT BFE) <br /> For Zones AO and A (without BFE), complete Items E1-E5. If the Certificate is intended to support a LOMA or LOMR -F request, complete Sections A, B, <br /> and C. For Items E1-E4, use natural grade, if available. Check the measurement used. In Puerto Rico only, enter meters. <br /> El. Provide elevation information for the following and check the appropriate boxes to show whether the elevation is above or below the highest adjacent <br /> grade (HAG) and the lowest adjacent grade (LAG). <br /> a) Top of bottom floor (including basement, crawl space, or enclosure) is ❑ feet ❑ meters ❑ above or ❑ below the HAG. <br /> b) Top of bottom floor (including basement, crawl space, or enclosure) is ❑ feet ❑ meters ❑ above or ❑ below the LAG. <br /> E2. For Building Diagrams 6-8 with permanent flood openings provided in Section A items 8 and/or 9 (see page 8 of Instructions), the next higher floor <br /> (elevation C2.b in the diagrams) of the building is ❑ feet ❑ meters ❑ above or ❑ below the HAG. <br /> E3. Attached garage (top of slab) is <br /> 0 feet 0 meters 0 above or 0 below the HAG. <br /> E4. Top of platform of machinery and/or equipment servicing the building is ❑ feet ❑ meters ❑ above or ❑ below the HAG. <br /> E5. Zone AO only If no flood depth number is available, is the top of the bottom floor elevated in accordance with the community's floodplain management <br /> ordinance? ❑ Yes ❑ No ❑ Unknown. The local official must certify this information in Section G. <br /> SECTION F - PROPERTY OWNER (OR OWNER'S REPRESENTATIVE) CERTIFICATION <br /> The property owner or owner's authorized representative who completes Sections A, B, and E for Zone A (without a FEMA- issued or community- issued BFE) <br /> or Zone AO must sign here. The statements in Sections A, 8, end E are correct to the best of my knowledge. <br /> Property Owner's or Owners Authorized Representative's Name <br /> Douglas Loewer <br /> Address 10144 Greenbriar Drive CityBerdin StateMD ZIP Code21811 <br /> Signature Date 8/28/06 Telephone 410-641 -4040 <br /> Comments <br /> ❑ Che here if attachments <br /> SECTION G - COMMUNITY INFORMATION (OPTIONAL) <br /> The local official who is authorized by law or ordinance to administer the community's floodplain management ordinance can complete Sections A, B, C (or E), <br /> and G of this Elevation Certificate. Complete the applicable item(s) and sign below. Check the measurement used in Items G8. and 09. <br /> G1. ❑ The information in Section C was taken from other documentation that has been signed and sealed by a licensed surveyor, engineer, or architect who <br /> is authorized by law to certify elevation information. (Indicate the source and date of the elevation data in the Comments area below.) <br /> G2. ❑ A community official completed Section E for a building located in Zone A (without a FEMA - Issued or community- issued BFE) or Zone AO. <br /> G3. ❑ The following information (Items G4.-09.) is provided for community floodplain management purposes. <br /> G4. Permit Number G5. Date Permit Issued G6. Date Certificate Of Compliance/Occupancy Issued <br /> 0647 �� ` <br /> G7. This permit has been issued for. ❑ New Construction ❑ Substantial Improvement <br /> 08. Elevation of as -built lowest floor (including basement) of the building: � feet ❑ meters (PR) Datum <br /> G9. BFE or (in Zone AO) depth of flooding at the building site: ❑ feet ❑ meters (PR) Datum <br /> Local Official's Name Title <br /> Community Name Telephone <br /> Signature Date <br /> Comments <br /> n Check hero if attac ments <br /> FEMA Form 81-31, February 2006 Replaces all previous editions <br />