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FEDERAL ICY IIANAGBAENT A ENCY O. M.B. No. 3067 <br /> NATIONAL FLOOD INSURANCE PROGRAM Expires December 31, 2005 <br /> ELEVATION CERTIFICATE <br /> Important Read title Insbuccons on pages 1 -7. <br /> SECTION A - PROPERTY OWNER BFORMATION For neuarceCormery Use: <br /> BUILDING OWNER'S NAME Policy Number <br /> Ronald C. & Karen F. Wagoner <br /> BUILDING DRESS (Ucdudng Apt., Unit, Suite, andlar Bldg. No.) OR P.O. ROUTE AND BOX NO. Company NAIC Number <br /> CITY STATE ZIP CODE <br /> Ocean City MD 21842 <br /> PROPERTY DESCRIPTION (Lot and Block Numbers Tax Parcel Number, Legal Description, etc.) <br /> Section SC Ld 444 Montego Bay Mobis Home Park Tax Map 9117 Parcel 1/8020A <br /> BUILDING USE (e.g., Residential, Non -nail, Adc 8o n, Accessory, etc. Use a Comments area, If necessary.) <br /> Residential <br /> LATITUDEILONGITUDE ( OPTIONAL) HORIZONTAL DATUM: SOURCE: Q GPS (Type): <br /> ( Ste- 99' - ' or 99.9999 ❑ NAD 1927 0 NAD 19133 0 USGS Quad Mop 0 Other • <br /> SECTION B - FLOOD INSURANCE RATE MAP INFORMATION <br /> 81.NFP(DMUIiYNAMEaCOMAJNTYNUMBER . BZ COUNTY NAME 83. STATE <br /> OCEAN CITY -245207 WORCESTER MARYLAND <br /> B4. MAPAND PANE. 87. FIRM PANEL 99. BASE FLOOD ELEVATIW(S) <br /> NUMBER B5. SUFFIX 813. FIiM INS( DATE DATE BB. FLOODZONE(S) (ZmeAO, meat* of leoodrg) <br /> 2492070003 F 02/4433 0390485 A6 8 <br /> B10. Mule tieaoucedlhe Base Rood awake dab or base flood deplh entered inB9. <br /> ❑ AS Palle ®FIRM ❑ Community Delsmined ❑ Oltur( L* <br /> 811. Indicete the d arionddun wed tam BFE n 89:0 N3VD 1929 ❑ NAVD 1988 ❑ Otser(Deaub* <br /> B12. b Ise building located in a Obeid Barter Rennes 9yalan (CMS) area a Olhe nrise Probated Ares (OPA)? [] Yes ❑ No Dedgnelo 1 Delete► <br /> SECTION C - BUILDMG ELEVATION INFORMATION (SURVEY <br /> C1. Bulking elevations are based at ❑ Conanrcton DraxtrgB ❑ Bulking Under Cansn dicta* Flashed Condu Rice <br /> •A newE3evab i CaMCetewll bersqutedWan combs:Om cite b idrg is=pleb. <br /> C2. B u r l i n g D i a g r a m Muster$ (Select be buktrg degam moat sided) the biking trwlids this cattle is being completed • see pages 6 and 7. if no d orm <br /> aocireley raiment, the taking, pate a sixth orphobgaph.) <br /> C3. Beadons— Zone' A1490, PE, AH, A(wthBFE),\ E, V1. V30, V Nth BFE).AR AMA Awe, ARA1- A30,Al AH, ARIAO <br /> Carpete Sans C3. 44bebwa000ahigto the biidhgdegam spelled In ltemC2. sate tie cletan med. Mtredatsnis &mitt= the de izn used fats BFEn <br /> Secion B, matte dat an b that usal for the BFE Show MI malamute and dawn cuwasion =Waft. Use the space padded kr the Canner* ate d <br /> Section D ar Sedbn 0, as apprgcriele, b docune nt the dorm conarean. <br /> Daum 1929 m ConmaionfCanments 1977 DATUM +0.4' = 1929 FIRM <br /> Elevation `chance mark used 409.1977 Donis de/don reference mark used *peer an the FIRM? ❑ Y e a 0 No . ' r .,. <br /> 0 a ) Top of bobsn lbw Oncndng beamed crandoase) T 1 t(m) 1 OF MA /9 <br /> O b) Topdried higher fl Q.Ogn) k �-•C )3t . /0 <br /> c)Bobanof bweethorizatel samba! matter(Vannonly) NIA . 1t. <br /> cl)LaieAetaleration(bp daleb) a�tr 1�4 _AM 1 co • ',.. ; 3 <br /> senidrgthebtidng (DeeutbsnaCamiar>narea) 10..t$n) - a '; � <br /> f) Lowest aimed (tithed) hed) g �• 0t00 _ t4 ¢ .T '' • <br /> U � �t� � g 7.0t(m) '' 'rY �3 <br /> v h) No. dpsimenentopenige Qbod vents) witnn 1 tt abovealwent gads a L �, <br /> U Ude arca dal permed Tunings pbodvente) nc3.n ja4 n. (sq. an) <br /> SECTION D - SURVEYOR, ENOINEEFt, OR ARCHITECT CERTEICA71ON <br /> This certlltation Is to be signed and sealed by a land surveyor, engineer, or architect authorized by law to certify elevation information. <br /> I certify that the Information In Sens A, Et, and Corn this cert represents my best efforts to Interpret the data awatable: <br /> I understand that any fake statement may be punlehable by fine orhsprfeaxnernt under 18 U.S. Code, Section 1001. <br /> CERTFERS MA ME LAYTON E. BUNTING, ,R UCB48E NUMBER 142 <br /> TITLE LAND SURVEYOR COMPANY NAME LE BUNTING SURVEYS, INC. <br /> ADDRESS CITY STATE ZP CODE <br /> 24 BROAD STREET BERLIN MD 21811 <br /> SKhVATU DATE TELEPHONE S 1/17106 41W-3313 <br /> FFruA Fnrm RI Al Amu ary 711113 ! Rao rev. no,aip Mr aaMlmWinn ao,rnr *a r,ry. .rlrnnro. <br />