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u .s.'oEPARIkp1r HOMELAND SECURRY ELEVATION CERTIFICATE I OMB No. 1680-0008 <br /> Federal Emergency Management gerent Agency E.xoires February 28.2009 <br /> National Flood insurance Program Important Read the instructions on pages 1-8. <br /> } <br /> • SECTION A - PROPERTY INFORMATION For Insurance Company Use: <br /> Al. Building Owner's Name Donald Calved Policy Number <br /> A2. Building Street Address (Yrdudkp Apt., Unit, Suite, and/or Bldg. No.) or P.O. Route and Bar No. Company NAIC Number <br /> 413 Nautical Lane <br /> City Ocean City Stets MD ZIP Code21842 <br /> A3. Properly Description (Lot and Block Numbers, Tax Parcel Number, Legal Description, etc.) <br /> Montego Bay Mobile Home Park, Lot 208 , Section 8A , <br /> A4. Building Use (e.g., Residential, Non - Residential, Addition, /Accessory, etc.) Biggsgsi <br /> AS Latitude/Longitude: Let. _Lang. Horizontal Datum: ® NAD 1927 0 NAD 1983 <br /> AS. Attach at least 2 photographs of the building IHhs Certificate is being used to obtain flood insurance. <br /> A7. Building Diagram Numbed <br /> Ail. For a building with a crawl space or encosurs(s), provide A9. For a building with an attached garage, provide: <br /> a) Square footage of crawl space or enclosure(s) Maui ft a) Square footle) of attached garage WA sq ft <br /> b) No. of permanent flood openings in the crawl specs or b) No. of permanent flood openings in the attached garage <br /> enclosures) walls within 1.0 foot above ar;acerd grade NI wails within 1.0 foot above aklaoent grade WA <br /> c) Total net area of flood openings in A8b AR sale c) Total net area of flood openings in A9b NA sq In <br /> 1 <br /> SECTION B - FLOOD INSURANCE RATE MAP (FIRM) INFORMATION <br /> B1. NAP Community Name & Community Number 132 County Name 83. Sill <br /> 245207 0003 Ocean City Worcester I MD <br /> 134. Msp.4Parel Number 115. Suffix B8. FIRM Index B7. FIRM Panel 88. Flood B9. Bass Flood Elevations) (Zone <br /> Date Effsclv&Rsvbsd Date Zone(s) AO, use bas flood depth) <br /> 245207 0003 F 2/4/88 3/4/88 A-8 8 <br /> 810. Indicate the source of the Base Flood Elevation (BEE) data or base flood depth entered in item 89. <br /> 0 FM Profile ® FIRM 0 Community Determined 0 Other (Describe) <br /> B11. Indicate elevation datum used for BEE in item 89: ® NOVD 1929 0 NAVD 1988 0 Other (Desarice) <br /> B12. Is the building located in a Coastal Barrier Resources System (CMS) area or Otherwise Protected Area (OPA)? DYes OW <br /> Designation Date ❑ CBRS ❑ OPA <br /> SECTION C - BUILDING ELEVATION INFORMATION (SURVEY REQUIRED) - <br /> C1 . Building elevations are based on: 0 Construction Drawings* 0 Buildng Under Construction* ® Finished Construction <br /> *A new Elevation Cedifcate will be required when construction of the building Is complete. <br /> C2. Elevations - Zones Al -A30, AE, AH, A (with BEE), VE, V1 V30, V (with BFE), AR, AR/A, AR/AE, AR/A1 -A30, AR/AH, AR/AO. Complete Items C2a.g <br /> below according to the building diagram specified in Item A7. <br /> Benchmark Utlixsd SI DVarticel Datum mug <br /> Comersion/Comrnents Hogg <br /> Clack the measurement used. <br /> a) Top of bottom floor (including basement, crawl space, or enclosure floor'). 1.2 ® feet 0 meters (Puerto Rico only) <br /> b) Top of the next higher floor 11.1 ® feet 0 meters (Puerto Rico only) <br /> c) Bottom of the lowest hortpnntal structural member (V Zones only) SA 0 feet 0 meters (Puerto Rico only) <br /> d) Attached garage (top of slab) !!.A 0 feet 0 meters (Puerto Rico only) <br /> e) Lowest elevation of machinery or equipment servicing the building • jQ 4 0 feet 0 meters (Puerto Rico only) <br /> (Describe type of equipment In Comments) <br /> f) Lowest adjacent (finished) grade (LAG) 8.8 ® feet 0 meters (Puerto Rico only) <br /> g) Highest adjacent (finished) grade (HAG) z.Q la feet 0 meters (Puerto Rico only) <br /> SECTION D - SURVEYOR. ENGINEER, OR ARCHITECT CERTIFICATION <br /> This certllicatlon is to be signed and sealed by a land surveyor, engineer, or architect authorized by Mw to codify elevation <br /> information. / cede that the Information or fhb Cerdlbate represents my bat awllode to In erpnet the data sealable. . y"c' "" <br /> I urndsrrat nd that any hiss statement may be punished, by fine orhlti»Isore ant under 18 U.S. Cods, Section 1001. � i. r ' • -;/~ . <br /> ® Check hero if comments are provided on beck of form. ce t Imp* 1 <br /> t3 rtP1, t" .1. � <br /> Certlller's Name Dokgles Loewe' Ucense Number PLS 10897 04 <br /> The Company Name ' _ g + .: <br /> Address 10144 Greenbrier Drive City Berlin Sits MD ZIP Code 21811 ` ,`'F °V f """xri:+ 41. <br /> T 1 10 , 4/27107 <br /> Q- .. , T ∎ A. .„ E <br /> Telephone 41043414010 -;ti tk , t. <br /> X11 °.1 .�1$144V M <br /> FEMA Form 8141, February 2008 See reverse side for continuation. Replaces all previous editions <br />