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i <br /> TOWN OF OCEAN CITY BUILDING DEPARTMENT <br /> What is needed to submit for a Building Permit? <br /> Windows & Doors <br /> 1. Submit test report showing the Design Pressure Rating (DP), size, <br /> and shape. Note the building type (single family, condo, etc.) and <br /> the room (example: bedroom) where the windows and or doors will <br /> be installed. <br /> 2. Requirement: Buildings with mean roof height of less than 29 feet <br /> the minimum Design Pressure Rating shall be at least 35 and <br /> buildings with a mean roof height over 29 feet shall have a minimum <br /> Design Pressure_ Rating of 45. Buildings over 45 feet in height must <br /> be engineered to determine the Design Pressure Rating. <br /> 3. Bedroom windows may be required to meet the IBC and IRC Code <br /> for Emergency Escape and Rescue (see Section 1029 IBC Code & <br /> R310 for IRC Code. <br /> All windows and doors shall meet the minimum requirements as prescribed <br /> in the International Building Code 2012 Chapters 16, 17, and 24 for Multi - <br /> Family buildings & 2012 International Residential Code, Chapter 3, Section <br /> R308, Section R310 & Table 301.2(2) for Single Family Homes, Duplex and <br /> Townhouses not over three (3) stories in height. <br /> The above referenced requirements are for all new and replacement <br /> windows and doors. <br />