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<br /> <br />TOWN OF <br /> <br />The White Marlin Capital of the World <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />TO: The Honorable Mayor, Council President and Members of Council <br />THRU: Doug R. Miller, City Manager <br />FROM: Diana Chavis, City Clerk <br />RE: Oath of Office for Board of Election Members <br />DATE: August 30, 2018 <br /> <br /> <br />ISSUE(S): Oath of Office <br /> <br />SUMMARY: According to Town Charter § C-413, upon confirmation by the <br />Council, the Mayor appoints members to all city boards, <br />commissions and committees. As noted in § C-501, the Board of <br />Supervisors of Elections consists of seven (7) members. <br /> <br />Mary Adeline Bradford <br />Jamie Albright <br />Amy Rothermel <br />Vicki Barrett <br />Priscilla Pennington-Zytkowicz <br />Paul Gasior <br /> <br />Jamie Albright is unable to attend tonight’s meeting and will be <br />administered the Oath of Office separately. The Mayor is in the <br />process of selecting a candidate to fill an Election Board vacancy. <br /> <br />FISCAL IMPACT: Not Applicable <br /> <br />RECOMMENDATION: Administer Oath of Office <br />Excellent Service through a High Performing Town Organization <br /> <br /> <br />ALTERNATIVES: Not Applicable <br /> <br />RESPONSIBLE STAFF: Richard Meehan, Mayor <br />Diana Chavis, City Clerk <br /> <br />COORDINATED WITH: Not Applicable <br /> <br />ATTACHMENT(S): None <br /> <br />Agenda Item # 3.A <br />Council Meeting September 4, 2018 <br />3.A <br />Packet Pg. 3