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POLICE COMMISSION MEETING <br /> MINUTES <br /> May 17, 2021 <br /> PRESENT: Mayor Richard Meehan, Police Commission Chairman Lloyd Martin, Council <br /> President Matthew James, Council Member Peter Buas, City Manager Douglas Miller, Chief <br /> Ross Buzzuro, Captain Elton Harmon, Jr., Heather Stansbury, Esquire, Director of Emergency <br /> Services Joseph Theobald, Deputy Communications Manager Ashley Miller, Planning & <br /> Community Development Director Bill Neville <br /> 1. The meeting was called to Order at 9:00 AM in the Yd Floor Administrative Conference <br /> Room of the Public Safety Building. <br /> 2. Minutes of the April 12, 2021 Meeting: Mayor Meehan made a Motion and Council <br /> President James Seconded to approve the minutes of the March April 12, 2021 Police <br /> Commission meeting. The motion passed unanimously. <br /> 3. Chief Buzzuro's Update: Chief Buzzuro reviewed the statistics for March 2021. He noted <br /> that the statistics now include a 3rd year to allow for a more accurate comparison since the <br /> numbers from 2020 were skewed because of the pandemic. During April 2021, there <br /> were 1, 116 Officer Calls for Service which is a slight increase of 21 calls when compared <br /> to 2019. Citizens Calls for Services were 949 which is right in line with the 2019 <br /> statistics. The majority of the Top 25 Calls for Service saw a slight increase, however <br /> traffic stops had a drop off of 20%. April Enforcement: custodial arrests 149; 6 criminal <br /> citations, 21 drug arrests, 15 drug citations (marijuana); 24 DUI arrests and 17 weapon <br /> arrests. Smoking Citations were 14 for 2021 with 2019 and 2020 being zero. Littering <br /> citations were still at zero, however, Chief Buzzuro mentioned that our PSA's will be on <br /> the boardwalk by May 30 and these types of citations are expected to increase. <br /> It was agreed by all that there are more people in town, that room tax collected in March <br /> of this year was high and we should expect a big number again once the numbers are in <br /> for April. Citizens all over the country have been boxed in and without freedoms and with <br /> more people we will see more arrests. The good news is that OCPD is very pro-active in <br /> keeping crime off of our streets. <br /> 4. Seasonal Hiring pdate: <br /> Seasonal Police Officers: As of May 11, 2021, we have hired 46 new and returning police <br /> officers. <br /> Public Safety Aides: As of May 11, 2021, we have hired 60 new and returning Public <br /> Safety Aides. <br /> We are slightly lower this year than in 2020 with a total combined of 106 seasonal <br /> employees, compared to last year we had 1.14. <br />