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5. June and Pop-Up Rally:Discussion: Discussion began with Chief Buzzuro assuring the <br /> PC members that OCPD is at full force with the Special Event Zone in place for Spring <br /> Cruisin' with all roads lowered to 30 mph, unless designated at 25 mph in residential <br /> areas. There is assistance being provided by Maryland State Police and Worcester County <br /> Sheriff's Office as well as towing companies are assisting if needed. <br /> Captain Harmon informed the Commission that OCPD will be ready for June with the <br /> seasonal and full-time positions. Summer Deployment begins on May 23, 2021 at 2200 <br /> hours. There continues to be internal discussions concerning June and Pop-Up Rally. <br /> There are 9 recruits attending the Full-Time Academy who will graduate during the 2nd <br /> week of June. They will then spend four weeks with a full-time officer completing their <br /> field training. We are expecting to send 4 recruits to the July Academy. There is also a <br /> lateral officer who is interested in joining the department. <br /> 6. Municipal Infraction Collections: City Attorney Heather Stansbury informed the <br /> commission that OCPD had begun tracking municipal infractions and learned that because <br /> of changes made with the State's Attorney's office and how they prosecute municipal <br /> infractions, that much of the debt is not being collected. It appears that approximately <br /> $200,000 is going uncollected. It is the request of the City Attorney's office and the City <br /> Manager, that the Police Commission make a recommendation to have the City Attorney's <br /> office look into a local collection agency and she will report back to the City Manager <br /> with her findings. Mayor Meehan made a MOTION and Council President James <br /> SECONDED to have City Attorney Stansbury and City Manager Miller explore the <br /> options and report back at the next Police Commission meeting. The Motion passed <br /> unanimously. <br /> 7. Residential Parking Permits: Bill Neville brought maps of St. Louis Avenue which shows <br /> 200 parking spaces with potentially 423 owners. Each owner would get 2 parking passes <br /> so that would mean 846 passes for only 200 spaces. Mr. Neville has been asked to look at <br /> the side streets west of St. Louis Avenue between 4d' and 15'h Streets as there are spaces <br /> on the side streets. This endeavor is not to guarantee anyone a parking spot. It is more to <br /> deter sleeping in vehicles overnight as the permit will allow a vehicle to be parked on the <br /> street between 3:OOAM and 6:00 AM. There would be much work to be done to allow <br /> this to happen and we want to get it right. A new District recommendation would be done <br /> at the Parking Commission level with the Mayor and Council having the authority to <br /> create a new district. The existing Ordinance would need to be amended. The City <br /> Clerk's office would be tasked with this permit program which could also be <br /> administratively heavy. It was suggested that a hanging placard would be easiest for <br /> enforcement over using the Park Mobile app. <br /> OCPD will have maximum enforcement this June (and all summer) for sleeping in cars. <br /> Mayor Meehan suggested that No Sleeping in Vehicles signs should be installed along the <br /> side streets. <br /> 8. Taxi Medallion Issues: Continuing the discussion from the previous month, City <br /> Manager Miller shared that Uber/Lyft has decimated the taxi industry. Kelly Allmond <br /> 2 <br />